Adult Degenerative Spinal Deformity

Adult Degenerative Spinal Deformity in Bakersfield

As the spine ages, it becomes more prone to degenerative conditions that cause pain, stiffness and deformity. There are several types of degenerative spine deformities that affect adults, some of which require surgery to treat. Sometimes it is the deformities themselves that require treatment; others it is the complications caused by degenerative conditions that must be addressed.

One type of deformity – degenerative scoliosis – occurs in Bakersfield adults who suffer with severe disc degeneration and degenerative joints (arthritis). As the discs no longer support the vertebrae, arthritis sets in, causing the curvature of the spine to become distorted. Degenerative disc disease can also contribute to a worsening of idiopathic scoliosis, requiring medical intervention.


Did you know…

that the spine is composed of a series of discs and vertebrae that are attached together to form joints in much of the same way the links of a watch are connected? Over time, these joints may wear down, stiffen and become damaged or injured. This can lead pain, spinal imbalances and adult degenerative spinal deformities. Those with chronic pain or severe complications of these conditions may benefit from spinal surgery in Bakersfield to correct the posture of the spine and prevent additional complications in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of an adult degenerative spinal deformity?

A person with adult degenerative spinal deformity in Bakersfield may experience neck pain or pain in the upper or lower back. The pain may be chronic and dull or sharp and sporadic. Some patients may also complain of joint stiffness, a limited range of motion, and pain that radiates into the extremities.

How is a degenerative spinal deformity diagnosed?

The health of the spine can often be assessed with a simple physical examination and x-rays. Addition imaging scans, such as MRI and CT scans may be used to confirm a diagnosis and identify any neurological effects caused by the deformity.

What is the treatment for adult degenerative spinal deformity in Bakersfield?

Many people with adult degenerative spinal deformities will require surgery. We offer both open and minimally invasive spine surgery in Bakersfield depending on the type of procedure and the goal of treatment. Spinal fusion is often successful for stabilizing the joints and repositioning a deformed spine into a more ideal placement.