Medtronic Stealth Navigation Neurosurgery

Medtronic’s Stealth Navigation is a cutting edge surgical imaging system that maximizes visualization during complex neurosurgeries. Image-guided surgery is important to our practice because it allows for intricate instrument tracking – an especially vital component of operations involving the complex neurological pathways surrounding the brain and spine.


What is Stealth Navigation?

Medtronic has combined multiple advanced surgical technologies into one advanced system. With Stealth Navigation, surgeons can take advantage of on-the-spot instrument tracking, intra-operative imaging and surgical planning software all in the convenience of one powerful operating room system. While each of these technologies is important on their own, together they allow us the opportunity to provide our patients with more effective surgical solutions than ever before.

With Stealth Navigation, surgeons can make real-time decisions based on information generated throughout the procedure, allowing for improved treatment accuracy.  In addition, the Medtronic system may also contribute to improved clinical outcomes due to greater surgical precision.

Data-Driven Decisions in the Operating Room

By utilizing Medtronic technology in the operating room, we are able to streamline neurological procedures, minimize the risk of complications and improve our patients’ long-term outcomes. We can also more accurately target treatment areas in and around the brain and spine without damaging or disrupting non-affected areas surrounding the treatment site.

For more information about neurosurgery using the revolutionary Medtronic Stealth Navigation System, please contact our office.